Resolutions? Perhaps.

It has been a while really since I actually wrote or rather “created” on this blog. Again, I will let my words take me where ever they may wish. I will let myself be a vessel that actually brings them to life. Since I was little, I’ve always been this “bookworm” and I have let this become a habit that has proven useful on so many occasions. My bookworm “condition” has allowed me to be exposed to different writers and have a chance to really admire their way of doing things. Not every one is the same and as such, you can’t really say one writer is the same as another although some similarities can be identified. Change of topic (as I said l, I’m really open to wherever my words choose to take me). We are still in the first month of the new year and this once I will allow myself to fall under the whole “new years resolution” making category.

First of all, I really want to have a deeper understanding on different characters of the bible. I want to be able to actually understand their character and the reason they did certain things or behaved in certain ways. I know this will require a lot of reading but I will let my inner bookworm radiate. I have been in a shallow state for too long,its high time I got deep on these things. 

Another area I’d really need to work on would be my organisational skills. I have been trying really, I have. It even comes into writing whereby I find myself being told to focus on one particular area but due to the unorganisationess, I find myself writing about cats one day and clouds the next. To a certain extent I can say it can be seen as an advantage as it allows me to be flexible and hence the ability to write about any other topic. So in as much as I will try to get more organised, I won’t overdo it because it adds on to my creativity. In my own words, I can say I am “creatively disorganised”. 

For now, I will end on two(one,two three sounds cute really but why stick to the cliché?) I would have probably reached somewhere in the hundreds if I was to actually list everything down but hey, there is beauty in shortenedness(excuse my tendency of creating nonexistent words. This brings me to the need of creating what I shall call ” The great Atikonda dictionary ” ( found in all bookstores near you) but I will bring up this important issue in my future endeavours. 

My very first list of resolutions ends here. I can say I’m rather proud of myself, aren’t you?

My People

I have had the great privilege of knowing and being related to such amazing and extraordinary human beings. They really make me want to be a better person. They may not necessarily tell me what to do but it is what they do that really gets me questioning whether or not what I’m doing is right or wrong. They bring about this discontent for mediocrity that helps me to be a better me. First there is my mother Dr Nertha Semphere. She is a superwoman really and at times I wonder how she does it all. From her I’ve learnt that with hard work and determination, one is capable of achieving greatness. I’m truly greatful for her and I’m also very proud of all her achievements.

Second is my uncle Reverend Patrick Semphere. He is an amazing writer and has a heart made of gold. He has made a great impact to my life. From the primary days when he would make my cousins and I recite “My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory” everyday as he drove us to school to funny dinner table conversations, I forever remain grateful for his presence in my life.

The third person on my list is my cousin Priscilla. She too is an exceptional writer, artist, composer. She played the older sister role in my preeteen and early teenage years. She is someone I really look up to and her creativity leaves me marvelled really.

Last but not least is my cousin Theodora. She can be difficult at times (like when she refuses her hair oil to the point of hair breakage) but we love her still. She is very mature and at times acts like she is the older one(maybe all the time). I really adore the love she has for God and all that she does for Him.

This is just a few of the people that make me want to be a better Atikonda. I am truly grateful for all the contributions they have made (intentionally and unintentionally). May they continue flourishing in all they do.


Her name is Fazilla. 

She wears the traditional head scarf, preventing other men from “appreciating her beauty”. She learns all the dos and donts from a very tender age. She has become so accustomed to these that it has become a way of life for her. In her opinion, it would be utter nonsense to do otherwise. She really has no explanation for the things she does but rather does them because that is what “they expect from her”. Then we have Mary. 

She isn’t exactly the regular church attender, misses services and takes part in little church activities. She however has a strong relationship with God and knows the reason why she praises Him. One would say it’s out of her own will or intentional that she does so. 

Religion: this can be seen as one’s way of doing things. Or one’s path choice to which they believe is right. It is more or less something that is outwardly portrayed to the masses and made openly known. 

Christianity itself is a monotheistic religion based on the teachings of Christ. It is more or less of an abstract word as it is about having a deeper understanding of the word and God himself.
Religion: seen

Christianity: unseen

Out with the old, in with the to do.

Twas a bright and sunny Monday afternoon (nothing out of the ordinary happened). Okay so basically I’m writing this with no intention whatsoever. I can call it more an exploration as I’m open to where ever my words choose to take me. Can such an approach also be used in day to day living? That sort of thing whereby you have no plan or objective but still end up being content and satisfied. I don’t know if I’m the only person who can’t follow a to do list.

I find myself having lists and lists of unachieved plans. Don’t get me wrong, I do try to get things done. I literally stare at that list and yell “I will conquer you!” But often I find myself being overcome by these creatures called to do lists. So is it possible to live simultaneously? To have no idea where it is you’re headed to? Of course it would be exciting but it is also important to keep in mind that a vision is what drives one to have a clear picture of what it is that has to be done.

So here’s to all the to do lists out there that remain untouched:you will be conquered!


One of the greatest moments in life is when you find out what your purpose on this earth is. It may not necessarily be career based but rather what it is you have to do in order to bring about a positive impact.

People certainly have different capabilities and although it may be easy for some, others may have a harder time figuring it out. Time not only changes people but when properly used, it can lead to growth (the positive kind). So generally, patience is another important aspect that falls under the time factor. Without patience, we may end up taking the wrong path.

With patience and a whole lot of prayer, you will be able to discern which path is the one you ought to take. We are all on this earth for a purpose. There is no such thing as “I was a mistake” or “I’m not supposed to be here”. The very fact that you’re living and breathing means there is something you ought to be doing. Don’t let your mind go idle. Be very sensitive to the world around you. You never know!


Ever had one of those days where you carefully planned what it is you were to do and ended up doing something contrary? Well today was one of those days for me. The thing is however, what I ended up doing turned out to actually benefit me a lot more than what my initial plan was. I had the opportunity to have a deeper understanding on wisdom.

The word “Dom” stands for togetherness. Where there is wisdom there is knowledge and understanding. Wisdom is the ability to discern right from wrong, make sound decisions that will benefit you positively.It can be acquired from past experiences for example, if you trip on a rock one day, you will be wise enough not to trip again the next due to the previous day’s occurance.

King Solomon for example, the fact that he asked for wisdom shows that he had the discerning ability to choose what he knew would benefit him and it did. To this very day, he remains the wisest person to have lived on this earth.

While knowledge comes from learning, wisdom is acquired from past experiences as mentioned earlier but most importantly from God. We have been given the ability to speak what we want to be done unto our lives. The same way Solomon was able to ask for wisdom is the same way we too can ask for it. We have the power.

This one’s for you

A few years ago, I honestly wouldn’t have been able to see myself as the person I am today. Many were the times I would look at myself so lowly that I deemed myself unworthy of doing certain things. I guess such a perspective toward things led me to under perform or in other words, do less than what I was capable of.

Like a blossoming flower, I have witnessed myself grow into this creature I didn’t know existed. I remain perplexed and dumbfounded really by what I’m capable of.  I guess its what we tell ourselves that impacts who we shall become. So generally, its about having those positive and optimistic thoughts, surrounding yourself with uplifters rather than down bringers.

This one’s for you my love….. Katia.